2 July 2013

The Quarterback is the Gridiron Field General

In a football game the quarterback is the focal point of the offense and the commander on the field. He handles the ball on every play and the quality of his performance will often decide the outcome of the contest.

The chief way that his field general qualities are used is in the audible. Before the snap a play is sent in by the head coach or offensive coordinator. This is what they consider to be the best strategy based on the down and distance, the point in the game and tendencies (more…)

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17 May 2013

High Flying Aerials: Greatest Football Receptions of All Time

As the NFL continues to grow, the league’s rules have shifted towards protecting the safety of players, allowing offenses more freedom to throw the football to move the ball and score more quickly. This shift has resulted in more spectacular catches than ever before.

Of all the great catches in NFL history, Lynn Swann’s acrobatic juggling catch in Super Bowl X for the Pittsburgh Steelers is the best. Suffering from a concussion, Swann was able to streak (more…)

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1 April 2013

Crunch Time In The Trenches: The Art of Blocking

Offensive linemen have always been important in football, but they haven’t been considered vital until recent times. Even casual fans now know that those big trench hogs in the middle of the field have some of the most important jobs in a football game. Good blocks set the foundation for everything else the offense does. The running back has a much easier time plunging ahead for yardage if the offensive line has set up good blocks. Quarterbacks treat their offensive linemen with respect and admiration for keeping pass rushers away from them. (more…)

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30 January 2012

Can American Football Survive in the UK

For years, now, the NFL has been trying to turn the people of the UK onto American football and if you get your internet through places like Internet.Clear.Com then there’s a good chance you have already heard of this bold new move. But are the people of England ready for American football? Can football as we know it survive in the UK?

While it’s still far too early to tell, the general consensus seems to point to the negative. It’s not because of some strange cultural slant against American culture and activity; however, it’s more due to the fact that there is just an overwhelming lack of interest. Why would the British people want to watch American football when they have their own favorite sports and pastimes to keep them occupied in the summer seasons? Rugby, cricket, soccer (strangely, also called football) and hockey are all things that the British people enjoy and there really just doesn’t seem to be any room for American football.

That isn’t to say that interests won’t change over the coming years, but as of right now, there is absolutely no call or need for American football in the UK and the English have made that quite clear.

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21 July 2011

A Review of The Crazy Rules of American Football

American football can be hard to understand, especially at the pro level. Here is a quick review of the crazy rules of American football.
The game of American football is played with 11 men to a side on a 100 yard field for 60 minutes and starts with a kickoff.
The object of the game is to advance the ball by running, throwing or kicking the ball in order to cross the opposing teams goal line.
A team gets four downs on offense to gain 10 (more…)

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16 July 2011

The Chicago Bears Epitomize The Spirit of American Football

Any discussion of the Chicago Bears has to start with the legendary George Halas, founder, player, owner and coach. He was a true visionary. When he founded the Chicago Bears and the NFL in 1920, he was one of the few who were able to foresee how the sport of American Football would grow to dominate the sporting landscape.

Indeed, it has been said that Football has surpassed Baseball as the quintessential American sport.

Since those early days, the Chicago Bears have upheld the gritty tradition of American Football, and no true fan of the game will deny that the Bears (more…)

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12 July 2011

The Pros and Cons of an 18 Game Season

The 18 game schedule is anything but a foregone conclusion at this point. What started as a novelty by Commissioner Goodell quickly gathered snow as it headed downhill until it nearly reached avalanche status. As we wait with baited breathe as the owners and players argue over billions, we can take a look at the pros and cons from the fans point of view.

An 18 game schedule is a pro in and of itself! Who wouldn’t love more football? Two more games a year is a bonus.
Fans will be able to see more teams they normally don’t, (more…)

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10 July 2011

Can NFL Europe Be Brought Back to Life?

NFL Europe was a short lived trial, of the NFL being played outside of its home country, the US, http://www.directtelevisionpackages.com, and being played on European soil. The league operated from 1991 up to 2007 in Europe, and was run by the NFL which runs here in the US. Although it lasted for 15 years, it never really caught on, and never really caught up to the popularity of the major sport in Europe, soccer.

Personally, I don’t think NFL Europe would make a strong comeback. Although people attended games, it was only a fraction of the turn (more…)

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